District: Vidocia-Augurum
Population: 11000
Location: Near the foot of southern Glittering Mountains
Danger causes: Criminality, toxic gas
Predictability: Very High
Prognosis: Medium-Poor

Possibly the most depressing entry on the list, Vidocia (or as it’s known by Taejin smugglers, Saechino, roughly translating to “the demon that swallows”) is the harsh reality anyone looking for a brighter future in the richer parts of Indica is greeted with. Anyone entering the country without proper paperwork or wealth (if you can get it past the border guards) is indiscriminatorily sent to Vidocia where, if they are lucky, gets to rent a room in the worst part of the city and then have to work countless hours just to make ends meet. If they are unprepared for this, they usually gets quickly finished off by gang members who are more than willing to commit murder for a single copper that any new citizens might bring with them for their new start in life.

It’s very hard to escape the city as border guards are unwilling to let anyone leave without proper paperwork, and without getting hired by an out-of-city company (unlikely, but possible) or passing the exams to get into Abbacium (almost impossible for people in their double digits) there is no escape from Vidocia, still these paths provide a glimmer of hope for the citizens of Vidocia, as they cling on to the only hope they have for a better future.

People unwilling to accept this reality take to criminality instead, risking their safety in order to attempt to gather funds in order to get out of the city, as well as finding some much needed sense of unity within the cold world of the city. The gangs are largely in control of the city, as the authorities are uninterested in crimes that aren’t occurring in their own quarters as long as the city’s mining and refining doesn’t stop.

Anyone managing to avoid getting involuntarily involved in gang activity will most likely eventually succumb to the toxic gas that encompasses the city, leading to most individuals suffering visible health consequences after only a few years, eventually dying to lung disease which is the most common cause of death in the city, closely followed by murder. The only reason murder isn’t the most common cause of death is that the gangs have a tax system in their own neighbourhoods – effectively forcing people to pay them a monthly due in exchange for the gangs protection (read: from themselves), leading to people not often leaving their neighbourhoods. Despite this, around 40% of citizens eventually get murdered one way or another, and if that doesn’t happen the gas lingers around as a manifestation of a city that breaks you down both mentally and physically.


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