District: Taray
Location: At the Arconia-Lathnia-Tesmora border
Population: 8000
Most common religion: Kyrie

Taray is a self-governing city-state. It’s commonly referred to as a melting pot, as the city’s liberal laws allow for various religions and organizations to coexist as long as they do so peacefully. The city is located on the edge of a massive cliff, which makes it a very easy place to defend, which is the reason for it’s sovereignty. It’s location also makes it an ideal place for trade, as anyone traveling to Tesmora (and further to Westfold) from Lathnia or Arconia travels through the city.

Below the cliff there is a port known as Rostra, which is the closest non-Lathnian port to Aurora. It’s impossible for ships to traverse the waterfalls in either direction making it hard to bring large amounts of goods through the city. The port on top of the cliff is known as Cauda, and ships there can travel either west to Tesmora or south, eventually reaching the southern parts of Arconia.

Taray once was an elven fortress and there are a lot of old elven structures in the city, especially in the tunnel network one has to traverse through in order to get between Rostra and the city (and thus Cauda).

It’s very hard to get citizenship in Taray, and while it’s possible to live and work in the city without citizenship, you don’t have a right to vote if you’re not a citizen. Only about 2000 of the city’s 8000 inhabitants are citizens.


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