Kyrie, god of Darkness, Fire, Renewal and Repose


After the giant catastrophe, Kyrie was the one that brought the humans to this world. It was supposed to only be a temporary home, thus he intended to leave them with some of his angels looking over them. Things did however not go according to plan as sometime after he left, Miasma appeared intending to take control over humanity. She did manage to manipulate the current king Ravenos, who then proceeded to go to war eventually conquering most of the world. When Kyrie returned a couple centuries later, he saw how the world had changed and decided something needed to be done. Simply teaching technology to man hadn’t been enough, but he needed to teach them morals. Thus he founded his religion in Arconia, lending some of his powers to those willing to serve him while he would go on leave again, looking for a permanent home for humanity. This time however, he gave his high priests a way to contact him in time of dire need and he would appear. This has only happened a couple of times, such as during the Witch of the West incident.

Nowadays, Kyrie is still absent but he has followers worldwide and is respected even by the non-religious and followers of other gods (except Miasma). His clergy is the most influential one and is present almost everywhere (except in Khot and Lashunta). It’s generally seen as a positive influence to the neighbourhood to have a church nearby due to the clergy having a tendency to tend to the poor and generally be helpful towards the community.

One thing to note is that Kyrie has almost zero elvish followers. While elves generally don’t view Kyrie as evil, they generally want nothing to do with the supposed guardian angel of mankind. Some still hold a grudge towards him over the elven war.

Characteristics & Relations:

Kyrie is viewed as fair but stern, righteous but kind, forgiving but ruthless. His religion is seen as positive influence on the world, but some people aren’t too fond of it’s technicalities. Bartholomeus followers can view the religion in a negative way because of how convoluted it can be, claiming the essence of it has been lost in translation. That being said, most people tend to look past that aspect of the religion and instead focus on the good of it.

Kyrie on the other hand views Nebuchadnezzar as a coward who only tries to manipulate mankind (as well as pity his followers for being deceived) to give up their afterlives for his own benefit. He is in constant opposition to Miasma, who he views as pure, unadulterated evil and looks down on Rhox and any of his followers as weak-willed, selfish and lazy. His followers remain, under his orders, in constant war with Miasma and any of her followers, as well as Rhox and his followers (although after Rhox died there are no active effort to track down followers of his anymore). On the other hand, Kyrie hasn’t taken any real proactive action towards Nebuchadnezzar or his followers, but instead seems to tolerate although not appreciate them.

Kyrie’s exact opinions of Janna remain uncertain, although after Rhox died the Clergy released a statement both confirming the deed, praising the result but condemning her methods, claiming they were unforgivable and that she would face eternal condemnation.

Kyrie hasn’t interacted at all with either Bartholomeus or Aya because of his absence, but his clergy is on good terms with them.


The clergy of Kyrie is one of the oldest and most widespread in the world, dating back to shortly after the elvish war and being present in every small corner of the world. Even in places that persecute his followers (Tethys and Khot) there is still evidence that worship of Kyrie is occurring. The clergy is rooted in Arconia where the religion influence everything, from the daily routines of the citizens to the laws and the ceremonies of the government.

The clergy have absolute power of the religion in Kyrie’s absence and can at their leisure deny or grant the power of clerichood to anyone they like. Due to various rituals and the like granted by Kyrie, the clergy is the only one that has powers that otherwise only is accessed by deities themselves, such as granting (or denying) eternal life to people.

The clergy acts as Kyrie by proxy in his absence, following scripture in detail on how to govern, how to teach, how to act, and so forth.


In the recent centuries, a new interpretation of Kyrianism has gained popularity in some areas. Known as Neo-Kyrianism, it rejects the church and instead focused on what it views as the core ideas of scripture, rejecting the rest as superfluous. Views on Neo-Kyrianism varies strongly among Kyrie’s clergy, from some people viewing it as an acceptable viewpoint to some that view it as downright heretic. The church however has no official stance on the interpretation, but since it’s followers aren’t under jurisdiction of the church, they have no cleric powers.

Some scholars have argued that most people’s views are actually in line with Neo-Kyrianism as opposed to traditional Kyrianism, they just don’t identify as such.

Other info:

Official Weapon: Estoc


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