District: Gu/Shan/Xue
Population: 24000
Location: A bit north of middle Glittering Mountains
Danger causes: Criminality
Predictability: High
Prognosis: Poor

Heavily contested, filled to the brim of dangerous magic and a gathering point on the dusk road, Fenyang is a recipe for disaster. Located a bit north of the Glittering Mountains on the three-way border between the Shizuo, Huan and Ying clans territory, neither of the clans are willing to give up control of the city. Unwilling to invoke the wrath of Shantrias ruling family, the war is being fought by proxy and stealth, as being caught causing trouble leads to dire consequences. Laying traps in enemy territory is a common technique, but when done clumsily it leads to condensation of traps in the city, and over time Fenyang has become such a dangerous spot for anyone unaware of the traps location as well as anyone unable to cast Detect Magic that anyone traveling by dusk road not able to cast this spell repeatedly cannot traverse past the city unharmed.

Despite being a key point on dusk road, criminality contributes fairly little to the dangers of the city. It’s well established who is allowed a share of the market, and if one wants to cause trouble to gain entrance, it’s way too much risk for not enough reward. The only time criminality have a serious contribution is when there’s empty slot in market share and some occasional purchasing drama, both which can cause a cascading reaction as the clans unite for a second in order to clean up any evidence in case Shantria wants to investigate.

The biggest danger to those used to the city isn’t the traps themselves or any other current clan bickering as those are fairly simple to avoid, but remains of the more sinister traps left in the past (mostly by the Huan) as those can be varied in nature, unpredictable and unforeseeable and can randomly disintegrate a passerby no matter how prepared they may be. While rare, this is a contributing factors of why Fenyang rarely get any visitors except those traveling by dusk road, and they don’t like staying the night.


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