District: Nordlandskust
Population: 1100
Location: Northwestern coastline of Samarga
Danger causes: Wildlife
Predictability: High
Prognosis: Good

And now for something completely different – an example of why it’s very hard to rank cities by danger ratio, a city where the amounts of premature deaths per capita is far lower than the other cities in the list, namely Bergviksbyen, a small city located near the northern border of Samarga. Don’t misunderstand – the fact that it has few deaths per capita doesn’t mean it is a safe place to live, only that its citizen are well-guarded against the nearby dangers, the average citizen from any of the mid-southern nations wouldn’t last long here.

So what is the citizens of Bergviksbyen guarded against? One word – wildlife. Wildlife tends to exponentially get more dangerous as you go further up north, and being the northernmost populated city in Samarga, it’s no surprise that it makes an appearance here. Anything from wolf packs and mammoths to shuzai and other magical beings are part of the daily life around here, so in order to survive natives train in both survival and combat from when they learn to walk until they can walk no longer. Although wildlife mapping and development of defensive structures is progressively lowering the need for martial prowess among citizens, it has become too ingrained in Bergviksbyens culture that it will remain as long as the city stands.

So why live in Bergviksbyen? Apart from border guards and people traveling further north, there is no obvious need to have a city this far out in such a dangerous territory. The answer is not a scientific one, but the accepted story among citizens of northern Samarga, the original inhabitants of Bergviksbyen were losers in a bar brawl who drunkenly proclaimed that they would build a new, superior city, traveled north, and still in a drunken haze founded one of the most poorly located cities in history. Too stubborn to admit to their mistake, they instead adapted to the harsh living conditions, and so the city was born. Today it’s hard for citizens to leave and fully integrate elsewhere on the continent, leading to most emigrants eventually returning back north, couple this with the influx of people looking for a desolate place to settle down, and you get a city that, despite its harsh surroundings, have no plans of going away.


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