Population: ~100.000
Capital: Rima
Most common religion: Kyrie
Borders:Venaria, Makenti, Westfold, Shamanti, Karai

Agora is a country in the mid-southern continent characterised by a bloody history. Technically it existed at two separate points in time, both from it’s inception after the split of Regalia until it was conquered by the Witch of the West and recently after Venaria lost control of the majority of the region.

After Karai bought Litoria from Venaria, the Venarian government found themself in a pinch with no way to provide support to their troops in Agora, since Karai didn’t let any troops through their country. What followed was a bloody countryside revolution where Venaria lost all control of Agora except in Salinas, which remains under Venarian control.

During the times after the revolution, the current state in Agora have been very unstable and with the exception of Rima criminality, both by local and foreign groups is high. The government has however promised to crack down on this, but with the country still in flux, it might not be that easy.


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